Getting your art ready to Screen Print:

Please submit all artwork this way:
-Using the following file formats: .PSD, .AI, .PDF, .TIF, .PNG 
-File resolution must be at a minimum of 300 DPI
-All art must be sized to print - (i.e. if you were to print from your inkjet, the image would be printed to size)
-Max printable area for standard printing is 15"x15"
-We reserve the right to make print dimension adjustments based on the ability of our equipment. Not every art size works on everything.
-Leave the halftoning to us if sending a raster image, please. 

 The first 1/2 hour of separation work is free, art requiring complex separation will be billed after the 1st half hour. You will be informed beforehand if this is necessary.

Please email your art files to or send a dropbox, wetransfer etc. link!

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Printing will begin when a 50% Non-Refundable Deposit and art have been received. Turnaround is 10 business days. Please note, turnaround times less than 24 hours are not possible at this time. Should you need printing sooner than the standard 10 day turn-around, rush charges work like this - $200 for 2 day turnaround, $100 for 3 day turnaround, $50 for 4 or 5 day turnaround. If we finish printing before the 10 day turnaround, however, we won't charge you a rush!

Fees/Art Charges
***Art larger than 13"x19"* will be priced at the oversize rate of $35/screen and an
    additional cost of $.50/print  ***Max sizes vary based on garments but can not be greater than 16"x20"

Specialty Inks
***Specialty inks
including Discharge, Plasticharge, Water based, High density will cost a little extra to print with, as they require a little more ingredients than plastisol. Don't fear, it really isn't that much and you'll end up with a much nicer garment if you opt in to these types of inks.

After the 1st half hour:
***Submitting art without these guidelines will incur an art charge of $50/hr for separation.

CMYK Process Printing
CMYK process is best suited for white fabric though for effect, can be printed on other lighter colors. If the t-shirt needs to be dark colored, it will require an underbase, and possibly a highlight layer as well, which will require 6 color printing. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or if you're ready to get started!