Evergreen Skate Parks

Posted on by Matt

Screenprinting is one of those things that brings together some really neat people. I met Billy, owner of Evergreen Skateparks, when he asked for a whole ton of goodies to take along with him to a build in colorado. He supplied some art from our buddy, Brent Wick, and the picture below is a variant on a green and white american apparel baseball tee!

2014-02-21 09.06.37.jpg

Seattle Speedometer

Posted on by Matt

Here's a tiny, behind the back print on a seattle speedometer tee we co-designed. Screenprinted in discharge inks on Canvas Ringspun cotton. Look out for the next blog for a really cool project we collaborated on! 

Here fishy fishy..

Posted on by Matt

Headwear for a couple of talented local fisherman. They're forming a guide company, and looking at some of their pictures on instagram, they definitely know what they're doing! Steelhead and Salmon beware! NW Hookers 5 panel hats and beanies, stamped with their logo.

Bright Design Labs

Posted on by Matt

No, the photo isn't upside down! That is how these were intended! Discharge prints on Next Level cottons make for some seriously soft tees. Solidify your branding with color matching and well made tees!

Equal Exchange Coop

Posted on by Matt

Equal Exchange is pretty fantastic. These large print discharge ink tees were taken to their new headquarters in industrial NW Portland. Staying true, they're printed on canvas US made ringspun tees.

Flat Out Racing for the whole family!

Posted on by Matt

Always happy to include all sizes in our screenprinted goods! We have accounts to bring in just about any size of garment, and have a print method to make them all work! Give us a call 971.200.5002 to order your onesies all the way to your big & talls! Here's a couple we printed for local race track guru's Flat Out Racing and their extended family.

2014-03-21 20.18.31.jpg