The One Show and Motorcycho

Posted on by Matt

This time of year brings a special kind of excitement to the local motorcyclists (and appreciators alike)... It is once again time for the One Motorcycle Show! One of the coolest get togethers on the west coast. Tons of beautiful custom bikes on display for 3 days straight in a big old warehouse (which I'm told once was used to build ships) and a massive party to boot..

One Show Tees

So, Pen & Screen decided what other way to show our love for motorcycles, and See See (I'm not only a customer, I was the cafe founding boss guy too, so extra special to me..), than to be a sponsor. We printed these Mathew Foster originals on some slick ringspun heather grey cotton, and slapped our own private label on them for good measure. 

A process black plastisol ink was used for a durable muted matte black finish. Process Black inks aren't super black, making them contrast well on grey shirts. Pretty neat.

We also got to print these most excellent tees for the notorious Motorcycho.... 

God Save McQueen!! What?! AWESOME!