Important add-ons to Pen & Screen

Posted on by Matt

Hooray for progress! I'd like to thank everyone for their support and business. Without it, the growth we've experienced has allowed some luxuries that really one up what we can do here. 

The first, and to me, one of the most important. While we already use exclusively eco-friendly chemicals, there are wash-out solids (screen emulsions, degraded ink) that don't belong down the drain. We now use a dip tank for all screen cleaning, which contains the broken down emulsion and ink in an eco-friendly degrading chemical in a big tank, keeping the rest from running back into the drain water. YES!

The second, and truly awesome, is a pigment mixing system that allows for the matching of most pantone colors (by most, all of them except the metallics and neons, in the solid coated series). Sweet! These are for discharge and water based inks exclusively.

2013-06-04 19.49.26.jpg